There are millions of people who are looking for ethical and sustainable solutions.

Be a part of the global marketplace for ethical and sustainable fashion.


Ethical brands

Exclusively for European brands that work ethically and for the sustainability of the planet.


Guaranteed Profitability

Register your brand and add your products without incurring any cost. You will only pay for the sales.


Europe-wide visibility

People from all over Europe will be able to view and access your brand and buy your products.

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Conditions of being a part of Ethical Time

Ensure ‘decent work’ in all parts of the production chain.
Engage in sustainable practices

All sellers that want to be part of the marketplace will undergo a Seller Check in which we will examine, with your help, the treatment of workers, the environment and animals. To carry out the study we need commitment and transparency from the seller.

What do we take into account?

  • The production site
  • The materials used
  • The certificates
  • The company
  • The providers

Operating procedures

Start selling on Ethical Time in 4 easy steps.


The seller undergoes a check and creates a public profile.

Register your brand for free. Send us the entry form and help us to verify the ethical and sustainable practices of your brand. Access your account and fill out the brand profile: Introduction, the team, the means of production…


Upload the products. Receive orders and sell your products.

Adding your products to be sold is also free. Describe their features and any other details that you like. You can decide which products to upload. Each seller controls that decision. Receive all the orders as alerts in your inbox.


Package and send with ease.

No-one packages your products better than you do. Do it as you usually would and, if you are also caring for the environment in this phase, point out that you are using sustainable packaging. Send the product directly to the buyer.


Receive payment and build your brand.

Receive the funds from your sales with ease, directly into your bank account. Continue building your brand. Ethical and sustainable brands are the future.


Simply ethical, collaborative, and secure.

No charge to register or post on the site
Secure transactions

Automatic bank deposits
Brand protection

We believe that the sellers are already doing an incredible job by being ethical and sustainable, with all the effort that this requires today. For this reason, there is no charge to register or post on the site. You will only pay when you make a sale. The margin allows us to cover the costs of the transactions and the payment process, and to forge ahead with Ethical Time.

14 %
Charge per order
3,2 %
Payment process

We process payments on our secure encrypted SSL platform.

You will receive your funds every 15 days, twice a month.


Designed especially for you.

Ethical Time is designed especially for ethical and sustainable fashion brands.

We want to help you reach the millions of enlightened people who are looking for ethical and sustainable products like yours.

1. Reach your intended audience.

Improve the visibility of your brand. Ethical Time brings together potential buyers and puts them directly in touch with you.

2. The Europe-wide market

Open up your brand to the entire European market and introduce it to new people in Finland, Germany…all the countries of Europe

3. Ethical seller approval

Obtain our ethical seller confirmation and make it easy for the consumer to differentiate your brand from those that are not ethical.

4. Self-management

Manage your own brand, no-one will do it better. Receive orders, accept payments without complications, edit products and respond to your buyers. All with easy-to-use tools.


What can I sell on Ethical Time?



Textile Accessories

On Ethical Time there are brands of vegan clothing, locally-made footwear, backpacks that help to empower communities in rural areas, and much more.


These are some of the most frequent questions from our sellers.

How do the charges work?

To register and be part of Ethical Time is free. When you create your brand profile you can add products so that the buyers can see them, also for free. When a product is sold, a commission of 14% + 3,2% applied on the sale price (including the delivery charges that you have set). This allows us to cover the costs of the transactions and the payment process, and to forge ahead.

Why would it suit me to be part of Ethical Time?

If you have a brand of ethical and sustainable fashion, Ethical Time is conceived expressly for you. Registering is simple, and potential buyers across Europe can access your brand quickly and easily. With our tools, you manage the brand yourself, in your way, as you wish. You add the products that you want, and you help to strengthen the sector of ethical and sustainable fashion.

How do I receive payments?

Our payment system allows you to accept payments via various forms of payment. The funds from your sales are deposited every 15 days in your bank account, i.e., twice a month.

What can I sell on Ethical Time?

Ethical Time provides a marketplace so that ethical and sustainable brands can make themselves known and sell clothes, footwear and textile accessories. Within the category of textile accessories we include backpacks and bags, purses, scarves, belts, and beach products. In the future we may widen our range of products. If your brand makes sunglasses, jewellery or other products that we don’t yet include, you can write to us now and we will keep your details for the future.

Is it compulsory to put products up for sale?

Putting products up for sale means that your brand reaches many more people, and the consumers can find it more easily. Each seller can decide whether or not to add products to our platform.

What price should I put on my products?

The final sale price of a product must always be the same as, or lower than, that found on other platforms, or on the web page of the brand itself. So long as this requirement is met, each seller can set the retail price that it considers appropriate.

 If you still don’t find the answer to your question, get in touch with us.

Become a part of Ethical Time today

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