This is the application form for Brands that want to be part of Ethical Time.

Filling out this form takes approximately 10 minutes. It is composed by three parts. It is essential to answer all of them to proceed to the final registration.

1. General information.
2. Production and sustainable practices.
3. Current forms of sale.

Once we receive it, we will check that you meet the requirements to enter to the platform. Next, we will contact you to complete the registration.

General Information

Brand commercial name
Year of creation
Social reason (business name)
Legal form
Person of contact
Name and surname

Email address

Mobile number

Position/Job title

Business NIF
Specify the complete address. Number, street, town/city, postal code and state
Website URL
Number of workers in the enterprise
Approximate annual turnover
In the last fiscal year, the company closed with
Are you part of any agrupation or association of the textile industry? Specify
Brief description of your business

Production and sustainable practices

Which stages of the production and/or sale chain of the product does the company carry out?
Specify among the following options: Piece design / Graphic design / Spinning / Weaving / Pattern making / Cutting / Piece Making / Stamping and silkscreen printing / Finishes / Sales / Marketing and advertising
Mainly you work on
How do you ensure fair work in all the stages of production and supply chain of your products?
Fair work: the employees who work in the textile production chain have access to fair wages, security and dignified working conditions.
Where are your products made
Local Production: the items are made in the same country where the business is registered.
Write the cities and countries where your products are made
Specify if the manufacturing workshops are own by you, if you subcontract them, or if the confection is a phase in which you are not involved.
Specify the suppliers you buy the materials from
It is necessary that you provide us the names of your suppliers.
What materials do you use? Specify all the materials that are used to make your garments
Ex: Organic cotton. Cotton. Organic hemp. Linen. Peaceful silk. Recycled PET. Polyester. Elastane.
Is there any other specification about the materials you use that you consider relevant?
Where do the fabrics and raw materials you use come from? Specify the countries.
Which certificates have your products? Specify.
Ex: GOTS. Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Trade International. Cradle to Cradle, …
At what point in the production chain have your products been certified?

Do you contribute in any social project? If yes, explain in which one and how you contribute
Ex: to work with women at risk of social exclusion.

Forms of sale

Which ways do you use to sell your products?
Does the Brand have a physical store?
What percentage of your sales are online?
What is your business perspective?
Do you have any other question or comment?

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